Infiniti auto service Calgary

Infiniti Auto Service Calgary


You bought an Infiniti. So you have a great car. Now you need a great Infiniti auto service Calgary.

Nissan, the parent company that created the luxury Infiniti brand are already known for their build quality. They make cars that are precisely engineered and perfectly balanced. But when they decided to add luxury to the mix, the Infiniti was born. It’s all the best things in a modern car.

But, like any carefully engineered, perfectly balanced modern car, it takes skill to keep an Infiniti in perfect running condition. Which is why you only want to trust your car to a shop that has skills, experience and are certified. We’re all of those things, and more. Add honest, fast and friendly. Throw in a large stock of genuine parts, and you’re mostly there. It’s why our customers choose us every time.

Because we’re fully certified to work on all Infiniti models, we can also service and stamp your log book. So you don’t have to wait ages for an appointment and pay dealer prices. You get all the service, with a more affordable price tag, and your warranty is safe!

We specialize in bumper to bumper services for all kinds of luxury cars. Our team includes several Infiniti auto service Calgary specialists who are just waiting to get your car purring along. We have all the tools, equipment and hardware needed to do a great job. All it takes is a call to get your car diagnosed, serviced and repaired. Why wait or bust the budget?

If you just need advice or an estimate of what a repair or part will cost, we’re happy to help with that too. We’re always friendly, knowledgeable and here when you need us.

Infiniti Diagnostics Calgary

There was a time when fixing your car meant popping the hood, grabbing a hammer, oil can and shifter, and getting the job done. But with modern parts, electronics and complex systems, it’s best left to the professionals!

Our Infiniti diagnostics Calgary team uses the latest electronic diagnostic tools to find the problem with your car with pinpoint precision. So we can get it fixed fast. Which means you get back on the road quicker, with a repair you can trust. And since we don’t have to spend hours finding the problem, you save money too!

Infiniti Tires Replacement Calgary

Tires are like shoes. You need the right kind for the right conditions. You also need them to be in good repair. But unlike shoes, if your tires aren’t in great condition, there’s a lot more at stake than blisters or wet socks. So let our team inspect your tires, balance your wheels and fit your new tires. Stay safe out there!

Infiniti Steering Service Calgary

You probably don’t think about your Infiniti’s steering much. Until things go wrong! But when you can’t keep your car driving straight, you need emergency attention. Faulty steering is dangerous on the road, but it also causes parts, wheels and tires to wear unevenly. If you don’t fix it fast, that can add up to expensive problems. We’ve got an Infiniti steering specialist on the team. Let us help!

Infiniti Air Conditioning Calgary

Inifniti’s have great air conditioning. But even the best air conditioning needs servicing and maintenance. Hoses might need to be repaired or replaced. You might need more valves, pumps or filters. Or you might just need new gas in the system. Whatever you need for your Infiniti air conditioning, we’ve got you covered.

Inifinti Logbook Servicing Calgary

Your Infiniti is an investment car. It’s worth every penny, but if you want to keep the value in your car, you need to make sure that you stick to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. We offer full regular maintenance and logbook servicing for Infiniti’s in Calgary. So book your car for a fast, fuss free and affordable service, and keep that book up to date!

Infiniti Clutch & Transmission Repairs Calgary

Chances are, you’re driving an automatic Infiniti. So you probably don’t think too much about your clutch, gears or transmission. But even though your ride is smooth and shiftless, your car still has to do the work for you. We diagnose gear change and clutch problems on all models of Infiniti, and we’ve got many spares on hand, for quick repairs

Infiniti Exhaust Repairs Calgary

The last thing you want is for your Infiniti to sound more like a motorcycle than a luxury car! But if you have a hole in your exhaust, that’s exactly what might happen. Exhaust trouble doesn’t only sound bad though. Your car might also lose power, use more fuel and more. Your exhaust is an important part of your car. Get it checked by an Infiniti specialist as soon as possible.

Infiniti Brake Repairs Calgary

If your car isn’t braking like it used to, you need to see an Infiniti brake specialist. Grinding sounds, longer stopping distances and smoking brakes are all serious signs that there’s something wrong. The longer you leave a brake problem, the more expensive it will be to repair too. So have your brakes  checked regularly!

Infiniti Cooling Systems Calgary

You might not realize it, but Calgary winters can be hard on cooling systems too! Hoses and metal parts cool at different rates, which means that especially when your engine cools down after a long, hot drive, things can work themselves loose. If you’re having cooling system problems with your Infiniti, you need to get it checked out as soon as possible. Don’t wait until your car overheats! Call us to book an appointment, and let’s make sure your car is cooling properly.


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