Porsche Auto Service Calgary


Everyone wants Acura Automotive repair Calgary costs that are affordable, honest and upfront.

A Porsche is more than just a car. They’re a once in a lifetime automotive experience. You need an auto shop that understands that.

Since the first Porsche rolled off the production line in the 1930s, they’ve been something special. From the classic 911 to the modern-day Cayenne, a Porsche is a car lover’s car.

But a Porsche is not your everyday car. They’re well built and offer exceptional speed and handline. But they’re also a highly technical piece of machinery that demands attention to detail. Our technicians and mechanics have been trained to deal with all the high-end parts, systems and settings that make your Porsche the unique vehicle it is.

Not only is our team highly trained and very skilled, we’ve got all the right tools and equipment to get the job done right. We offer Porsche logbook services to maintain your vehicle’s value and warranty. Need routine maintenance, repairs and replacement parts? Choose our shop, and you can be sure you’re getting real deal parts. We even offer diagnostics for complex problems, to keep your Porsche purring like the precision machine it is.

There is no better place to get your Porsche serviced or repaired in Calgary. We’re proud to be the go-to European car specialists for the whole city, and we’ll work hard to go above and beyond. Don’t trust anyone else with your Porsche! Demand the quality, brand name parts and equipment and professional grade advice you can only find in our shop. After all, your Porsche is an investment. Make sure you choose a mechanical team that knows and respects that!

Porsche Diagnostics Calgary

Nearly ninety years ago, Porsche’s were much simpler machines. Today, however, they have some of the most sophisticated safety and engine management systems in the world. Between the electronics, the moving parts and everything else that makes up your car, there’s a lot that could go wrong.

Our top-of-the-line Porsche diagnostics in Calgary allow us to use the latest technology to pinpoint problems. We can even find minute problems with your tuning that’s affecting performance and fuel efficiency. This means there’s no guesswork when we work on your Porsche. Here’s what you can expect: Porsche auto service Calgary

  • Call or email our shop to book your diagnostic testing.
  • Let us use our high-tech tools to find the exact cause of whatever problem you’re having.
  • Get a fast, friendly and fair quote to fix the problem. however

Don’t leave it up to guesswork or trust a cut price shop with your Porsche. Bring it to us for the best Porsche diagnostics in Calgary, and get it done right.

Porsche Tires Replacement Calgary

Tires on a sports car are much more than just rubber on rims. They’re part of the driving experience, and an integral part of safety on the road. We offer a full range of Porsche tire replacement services in Calgary. Summers, winters or all seasons. We inspect them, fit them and balance them, so you can really stick to the corners, no matter what.

Porsche Steering Service Calgary

Porsches are known for their handling. They’re made to be thrown around racetracks at high speeds. So, they need to have steering that is completely flawless. With our knowledge, experience and quality parts and products, that’s exactly what you get.

Porsche Air Conditioning Calgary

Your Porsche is a hot car, but you don’t want it to actually be hot this summer! If your air conditioning isn’t getting the job done right, bring it in! We inspect all Porsche air condition components, service pumps and more, replace hoses and keep your gas topped up. Trust us. We’ll keep you cool!

Porsche Logbook Servicing Calgary

Your Porsche is an investment car. It’ll still be sought after in twenty years, or fifty. Which means you need to keep it in top shape for a long time to come. Our team of mechanics will take care of your Porsche logbook servicing in Calgary, so your car stays in perfect shape. Even if you never sell your Porsche, it’s an heirloom that should be treated that way.

Porsche Brake Repairs Calgary

The faster the car, the better the brakes need to be. Porsche brakes are just another perfectly balanced, meticulously designed part of your car. Don’t trust anyone else with your brakes! Call or email our team to discuss what kind of Porsche brake repairs you need in Calgary, and we’ll make sure we have the parts ready for you.

Porsche Cooling Systems Calgary

Porsches are one of the few car brands that became famous for their cooling systems. And while they might not all have air cooling, they’re all still unique, complex and critical to your car. If your Porsche is running a little hot, don’t wait. The sooner we can take a look, find the problem and fix it for you, the better it is for your car.

Porsche Clutch & Transmission Repairs Calgary

If you can’t drop a gear to power through a corner, is it really worth driving a Porsche? Of course, it is. But it’s a lot more fun when everything is working perfectly. Our shop is fully stocked with everything we need to keep your clutch and transmission running smoothly. Whether you’ve noticed a problem or just want a regular tune up, we’re happy to help!

Porsche Exhaust Repairs Calgary

Your Porsche should sound like nothing else on the road. But not because there’s a hole in your exhaust! We offer full muffler and exhaust system inspections and repairs, so your car sounds right and drives even better.


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