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VOLKSWAGEN Auto Service Calgary


We love your VW as much as you do. Choose us for your Volkswagen auto service in Calgary!

Your Volkswagen is one of your most prized possessions. And at German Automotive, we’ll give it the respect that it deserves. We’re known as one of the leading providers of VW servicing in Calgary, outside of Volkswagen dealerships. But while these brand name dealers can add hundreds to your service, with us, you’ll receive the same excellent service for less. That’s why more and more Volkswagen owners are choosing German Automotive for their ongoing servicing needs. Talk to us about the range of Volkswagen-specific parts we stock, and how we’ll treat your vehicle with care. If you need a great experience, bumper to bumper, our team is the right choice. Contact us for: Volkswagen repair Calgary

  • VW repairs and replacement parts
  • Routine and preventative Volkswagen maintenance
  • Logbook services
  • Expert advice from a team of VW professionals, VW Auto service Calgary


German Automotive will service your Volkswagen according to the manufacturer’s log book servicing schedule using the latest diagnostic tools & equipment with Genuine or Original Equipment Manufacturers O.E.M. parts.

The team at German Automotive, are experienced, skilled & certified in servicing the entire range of Volkswagen models making German Automotive one of the few repairers in Calgary, dedicated to the German Volkswagen, Audi Group of cars.

VW General Servicing Calgary

Not sure where to turn for your Volkswagen Car Service Calgary? Let the team at German Automotive guide the way.

We welcome new clients who are seeking a local, friendly and trusted dealership to complete their general VW automotive servicing. With more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, we have the expertise to take on any vehicle service, and the confidence to provide outstanding-quality work for every customer.

While we do offer specialist services for particular makes—such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen—and for particular car types—such as diesel, electric, and hybrid vehicles—we are well equipped to service any vehicle.

In addition to standard servicing, we offer comprehensive VW automotive repairs. Whether you’ve noticed a particular problem, or are due for an all-encompassing vehicle check-up, you can always rely on our team to do the job efficiently, thoroughly—and all for an affordable price.

VW Tires Replacement Calgary

The tires on your Volkswagen are the only contact patch you have with the road. Having worn out or damaged tires can severely affect the handling and stopping power of your Volkswagen. Having high-quality tires that are in good condition will ensure your vehicle is in the safest condition possible.

VW Steering Service Calgary

The car steering system is perhaps the most overlooked of all vehicle systems that require regular maintenance and the team of qualified car steering mechanics at German Automotive Repair can expertly provide a steering service including system, arm, rack, pinion, power, fluid, wheel, alignment and VW steering repairs service.

VW Air Conditioning Calgary

Is your air conditioning not what it used to be? Let our team perform Volkswagen air conditioning repairs in Calgary before summer strikes. Our Volkswagen Air Conditioning Calgary team can take a look at your air conditioning system and assess whether we can simply clear out the filters and top up the gas, whether it needs more extensive repairing, or whether you would best benefit from an upgrade.

VW Logbook Servicing Calgary

Regular servicing is important for the safety and mechanical well being of your Volkswagen. But it also makes a big difference to the resale value. If you need VW logbook servicing in Calgary to preserve the value of your car, we can help. Keep your car running well, and your maintain your new car warranty.

VW Brake Repairs Calgary

Ever noticed how brakes problems have an annoying habit of coming back a few weeks after your mechanic has ‘fixed’ them? Unfortunately, this is a common complaint of new customers who come to us after frustrating experiences elsewhere. In truth, this suggests that the root of the problem wasn’t identified, and instead your technician tried to perform a band-aid fix. Rest assured, when you come to us for Volkswagen brake repairs Calgary, you’ll receive the full attention of our expert team, who will fix the problem once and for all.

VW Cooling Systems Calgary

Your cooling system circulates coolant to reduce heat around your engine. It is essential in preventing overheating, therefore reducing wear and tear of engine components. We’ll find the problem, replace faulty parts, repair, or replace hoses and more. Trust us to keep your Volkswagen cool on the road.

VW Clutch & Transmission Repairs Calgary

The specialist car clutch mechanics at German Automotive Repair are experienced in all aspects of clutch service including replacement, pedal, master, cylinder, cable, plate, kit and clutch repairs service.

VW Exhaust Repairs Calgary

To get better performance from your Volkswagen exhaust system is a good place to start and the team of qualified car exhaust mechanics at German Automotive Repair can expertly provide an exhaust service including system, pipe, performance and exhaust repairs service.

Our Volkswagen exhaust mechanics are experienced in all aspects of exhaust service including system, pipe, performance and exhaust repairs service.


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