Prepare your German Car for Winter

Prepare your German Car for Winter

Prepare your German Car for Winter

Whatever your idea for a perfect winter is, you must prepare your German car for winter. As the temperature drops, rain and snow will hit your car. Such weather conditions can be hazardous, causing havoc amongst drivers on the road. If you do not prepare your vehicle, you are at a high risk of getting into an accident. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare your German car for winter. If the examination goes poorly, contact German Automotive Repair to get the best of our car repair services.

Check your Brakes

Unfortunately, most drivers cannot recognize the signs of a failed brake. Before you start, check your brakes to prevent wear and tear to the car. Listen if there is a screeching noise. Such noise suggests that the brake pads have worn and you need to replace them immediately. Other times, you might feel that your brake has become harder than it usually is. Whenever you press the pedal, you will feel like something is strange. This sign indicates that you need to check your brake pads immediately. At German Automotive Repair, our honest and friendly mechanics will repair your car just as new!

Get Winter Tires

Driving in winter can get messy. Therefore, winter tires’ composition is different from summer tires. Winter tires feature a snowflake symbol and are made with rubber that has a deep tread to provide an excellent grip. The tires are resilient in the face of low temperatures. If you do not get winter tires and use all-season tires, they might not be suitable in heavy snow. To save yourself from trouble, it is essential to check the condition of the tires continually. Please make sure that they are in good condition by examining the tire tread, air pressure, and depth. Get our professional services to prepare your German car for winter by getting new tires.

Keep an emergency supply and warm clothes in your vehicle

In case you get into an emergency, preparing beforehand can go a long way. When you are stuck in traffic or have an accident on the road in winter, the track gets covered up with snow quickly. In such a case, you might have to leave your vehicle on the road and move out of it. Here, blankets might not be as helpful as a pair of extra clothes. Putting more layers of clothes on yourself will preserve body heat for extended periods. When you prepare your German car for winter, always keep an emergency supply and warm clothes in your vehicle.

Keep that fuel tank out of the red at ALL times

If you are driving far, before leaving, check the fuel tank. It is essential to always keep that fuel tank out of the red at all times. Inspect if the fuel is left less than a quarter of the tank. Take out time and find a fuel station to fill up. By following this, you will be able to reduce the possibility of being stranded in the middle of the road. You can also plan your longer trips from routes that include several fuel stops. It will help you fill up your car and have time to stretch your legs, and provide fuel for using the heater for an extended period.



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